Company Profile

Profond, the expert in department-store retail and duty-free services, aims to promote tourism in surrounding islands of Taiwan’s and stimulate the economies. With cultural beauties and enriched resources on the islands; incorporating the local laid-back lifestyle, we promote culture, tourism and economy at our duty-free shops. With our high-standard products, fair pricing, orderly management and exquisite customer service - we have built shopping Paradise for international and domestic shoppers alike.



Business Philosophy

With our creative minds and effective management, we have created more diverse and more beneficial department-store retail and duty-free services. For providing travelers a better shopping experience, our business philosophy includes

  • The ability to attract international business which allows us to bring the islands some of the most luxurious brands from around the world.

  • Applying diversified marketing strategies in promoting our locally featured products and some of our islands' finest qualities.

  • Promoting tourism in Taiwan and its surrounding islands - the beauty, humanity and cultures.

  • Always insisting on making business progress every day in order to provide the most satisfactory customer services

  • Giving back to society; our company is the benevolence in our community.



Corporate Identity

Profond - like the firewheel flower - hardy plant that grows in harsh environments. Profond inheres the same spirit of thriving in hardships and challenges, that lays the solid foundation for a prosperous future.

Twelve petals - like the 12 months we have in a year; 12 Chinese zodiac signs and 12 astrological signs - they all represent endless lives in endless cycles. Like Profond’s business will - live long and prosper - continue endlessly.

Color orange - it’s the color of firewheel flower - it’s also the combination of the colors, yellow and red; representing light and energy. Orange is the color of that sunlight you see when visiting the islands; the color you see when reminiscing all the good times you have enjoyed on the islands.

Color black - like the basalt in Penghu - its color reflects majesty in its crystallized form - like black diamonds. We offer varieties of products in our shops; they are the reflection of the diverse cultures we have on the islands. Our duty-free products are the mere incentives to encourage travelers to visit our islands, Penghu, Lyudao and Liuqiu. There, you can be a part of those cultures.