Whiskey 101 Experience Showroom

Whiskey 101 Experience Showroom is a must-visit at Pier 3! It will take you on a whiskey journey that you have never been on!

When you arrive at our showroom, a wall of whiskey casks is the first thing you see. Casks from some of the most exquisite distilleries around the world; the material, the size and the craft of making a cask will determine how whiskey tastes - the difference in every bottle. At Whiskey 101, we give you a nose area so you can experience of how different casks make the fruity, spicy or smoky aroma in the whiskey bottles you love.  

Whiskey 101 Experience Showroom has built tools and 11'6" tall distillers for whiskey production. Show you how it goes from malt of a grain; through germination, grinding and proper fermentation to being distilled – the making of every drop of the spirit you love. Here, at Whiskey 101 Experience Showroom, our collections carry brands such as the Macallan, the Glenlivet, the Dalmore, Glenfarclas, Spey, Royal Salute, and many others – it’s like the Hall of Fame for whiskey.

We have planned the ‘Kavalan Lab’ for the future. There will be whiskey testing classes coming soon.

Don’t Drink & Drive
No Drinking Under 18